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Coastal Bathroom Cabinet Redo

by Ashley on May 27, 2014

Our home is currently loaded with orangey-oak woodwork, and slowly I’m getting it all painted. Very slowly. I had never painted any sort of woodwork until I got started on this house, and it’s daunting, but totally addictive! I’ve done the trim in several places, but painting the cabinets in the basement bathroom was definitely the most fun.

Titled Cabinet Redo

I had never painted cabinets before, and I admit to being a little scared, but it was so worth it! And you know what? It wasn’t even hard!


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Summer is Coming

by Ashley on May 22, 2014

Are your kids out of school yet? We had a bunch of snow days this year, so we’re still in school until next Wednesday, but summer IS coming!
Conner had a field trip to the zoo today, and as I slathered his face with sunscreen, I inhaled the smell of it. Summer.
Sunscreen is one those summer smells, and I love it.

As it started to warm up a bit (finally!) I decided to get the kids a small pool for the yard. Really and truly, a small pool, but they were super excited anyway. They wanted it up and filled immediately and I warned them it would be freezing, but they insisted, so I obliged.
Conner was the first to brave the one to two inch ice bath.

Happy, cold, crazy kid.

Now, I don’t want any comments on the whiteness of my children. Yes, we are super white people living in southwest Missouri, so it takes a few weeks of summer sun to take away the glow.
It didn’t take long for the older boys to decide to try it out. Except Chandler. Chandler just looked at me like “Are you kidding me?”
Sean was over, so he, Carter and Caden got in with Conner. Caden was the last one in, and this picture shows his reaction to the cold water.


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According to My Phone

by Ashley on May 20, 2014

I just sat here and loaded over 700 pictures onto my computer from my phone.
It’s a sickness, I think.
I came across this picture with my “one little word” for the year.


I’m doing pretty well, I think, but I should probably think about it more often.

I haven’t taken the pictures off my phone since Christmas, so it was fun to glance through them again.


I do love Christmas, don’t you?

One of the best things about having a phone that’s a camera is being able to catch perfect moments like this one.



Being Mother

May 16, 2014

I saw something on Facebook the other day that really got me thinking. It was a picture someone posted, titled “What Your Facebook Profile Picture Says About You”. There was a list of different styles of picture, followed by what this person thinks that picture says about you. Now, of course this whole list was [...]


Coastal Bathroom

May 12, 2014

Ok, not really. We don’t actually have a beach anywhere near us here in southwest Missouri. BUT, we love the beach. Especially Carter. He says that one day he’s going to go to some great beach somewhere and be all alone. Like, ALL alone. Private beach. Private ISLAND, if he could find one. I suggested [...]


Eight is Great, For the Fifth Time

May 5, 2014

Around here, turning eight years old is a pretty big deal because that means you’re old enough to be baptized. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, eight is what we call the “age of accountability”. In other words, that’s around the time when kids can really start to understand right and wrong, [...]


General Conference

April 15, 2014

If you’ve been around any length of time, you know that I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Lots of people call us “Mormon”. The church is world-wide, with over 15 million members, and every spring and fall we have to opportunity to watch what is called “General Conference”. There [...]



April 12, 2014

Ok, so I know that I just recently redesigned my blog. But guess what? I just did it again. I decided that the last design, while super cute, would require constant updates to keep the pictures current, and I just don’t “got time for that”. So I simplified. And guess what again? I LOVE IT! [...]


Preserving Memories

March 5, 2014

Do you have pictures or videos of your family? Where are they? Do you have multiple copies of them to keep them safe? I’m in the process of burning DVDs of all of our home movies. I’ve done it before, but the kids watch them so much I’m a little worried they won’t last, so [...]


Missing in Action

February 25, 2014

Things have been a little slow around the blog lately. I wish I had some great excuse to offer, but the fact is I’ve been a little down lately and just haven’t felt like blogging. I try to keep it real around here, so there you have it. Today is our 17th anniversary. I know [...]