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Incredible Pizza, Incredible Deal

by Ashley on January 23, 2015

This is a sponsored post from US Family Guide and America’s Incredible Pizza Company, but the opinions here are 100% mine. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Hey there, friends!

Is it cold where you live? It’s January, you know, and that means winter. I try not to complain because this winter has been so much warmer than last winter! Oh, my goodness, last winter was crazy cold. This year we haven’t even had a good snow!

That said, it’s still cold. It’s too cold to hang out outside, for sure. Lucky for us, I know the perfect place to spend our cold winter days!



Scrapbook Candles

by Ashley on January 22, 2015

OK, friends. This is seriously the cheapest, easiest décor idea ever! If you’re like me, you’ll read this post and be like “Duh! How did I never think of that?!”

Ready for this easiness?

Just get some scrapbook paper, cut it to size, and tape it onto your candles! Ta da!

These candles are 6 inches tall, so I cut the paper to five inches. You can also layer the paper, like I did Christmas of 2013. I totally forgot to snap a picture of the candles that year, but you can see them in the background in this picture.



I’ve Missed You

by Ashley on January 22, 2015

It’s been too long. Far too long.

When you blog, if you miss a week or two it starts to feel impossible to catch back up. Things start piling up. Events go on, kids keep growing, holidays come and go, projects get finished (or not). Before you know it, there’s no way you could possibly post about it all. At least that’s what happened with me.

But, guess what? I missed my blog. I missed you guys!

So I’m back.



Labels That Stick!

November 22, 2014

This is a sponsored post, and I received products from Kidcals for free, but the opinions here are 100% mine. Ok, folks, I’m not joking around. I can’t even remember all of the times that I have put a label on something belonging to my kids, just to have it peel off again a few [...]


Halloween Décor 2014

October 7, 2014

Halloween is coming, folks! As I sit here the window three feet away is open, letting in the perfect 71° air. There’s a slight breeze rustling the leaves of the trees outside, and the tops of those trees are tinged with fall color. Another week or two and they’ll be top to bottom glorious! This [...]


Ch ch ch ch Changes…

August 14, 2014

Well, hi there! I’m still here, still plugging along, and still working on the house and being Mom. Right now I’m in the process of painting the trim all over the upstairs. Well, except my bedroom. I haven’t even begun to think about that. I got the entry way painted, the back door, the window [...]


Coastal Bathroom Cabinet Redo

May 27, 2014

Our home is currently loaded with orangey-oak woodwork, and slowly I’m getting it all painted. Very slowly. I had never painted any sort of woodwork until I got started on this house, and it’s daunting, but totally addictive! I’ve done the trim in several places, but painting the cabinets in the basement bathroom was definitely [...]


Summer is Coming

May 22, 2014

Are your kids out of school yet? We had a bunch of snow days this year, so we’re still in school until next Wednesday, but summer IS coming! Conner had a field trip to the zoo today, and as I slathered his face with sunscreen, I inhaled the smell of it. Summer. Sunscreen is one [...]


According to My Phone

May 20, 2014

I just sat here and loaded over 700 pictures onto my computer from my phone. It’s a sickness, I think. I came across this picture with my “one little word” for the year. I’m doing pretty well, I think, but I should probably think about it more often. I haven’t taken the pictures off my [...]


Being Mother

May 16, 2014

I saw something on Facebook the other day that really got me thinking. It was a picture someone posted, titled “What Your Facebook Profile Picture Says About You”. There was a list of different styles of picture, followed by what this person thinks that picture says about you. Now, of course this whole list was [...]